How to get Free Bitcoins?

The easiest method on how to get bitcoins for free is to claim on faucets. Faucets have been around for a long time and the idea was adopted by more and more people so that today there is a whole industry. It is also easy to watch advertisements to get a fraction of Free Bitcoins. The most lucrative way would be surveyed because they are much higher paid compared to Bitcoin faucets and paid to click. You can also earn Bitcoins with browser games, e.g. on Cointiply. To do this, you have to play a browser game on the site and then get Bitcoins credited to your account for the time you play. Also, there are many sites such as Coinpayu the rubric Video Ads where you have to watch Youtube videos and are then rewarded with Bitcoins. You can also install different crypto browsers such as CryptoTab and Brave Browser, the latter of which makes more sense. With these browsers, which are based on Chrome browser technology, you can earn cryptos that you can then payout. CryptoTab is more of a browser that can also be used for mining, which in our opinion is a complete waste of time because the cost of the device would be much higher but if you ever asked yourself “how to mine bitcoins for free” then this is your way.

Best way to earn free bitcoins online

The best way to earn free Bitcoins are Freebitcoin, Faucetpay, Coinpayu and Satoshihero and Bitcoin surveys on FireFaucet. There are a lot of Bitcoin Doublers and similar Websites where you send Bitcoins and are promised 100% within 24 hours but these are ALWAYS scammers trying to steal your Bitcoin. Bitcoins are like cash, once lost and it's gone! That's why I always say, take your fingers away if you need to invest! Check out the best paying bitcoin faucets (Faucet List Linked)

How to earn Free Bitcoins Instantly?

If you ask yourself how to get free bitcoins instantly, you can do so on so-called instant faucets. On Faucetpay there are hundreds of these faucets in various cryptocurrencies. These Faucets pay Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies instantly on your Wallet on Faucetpay.

How fast can I earn Bitcoins?

If you earn Bitcoins through faucets, PTCs, and surveys it will take you quite a long time to earn one Bitcoin. Earning Bitcoin every second is just a myth just like these free Bitcoin hacks. There is no special formula for how to get bitcoins fast. You can generate Bitcoin by spending a lot of effort on different sites over a long time and this is the 100% safe method. Investing is not necessary.

How much is 1 mBTC in BTC?

  • 1 mBTC = 100.000 Satoshi or 0.001 Bitcoin
  • 10 mBTC = 1.000.000 Satoshi or 0.01 Bitcoin
  • 100 mBTC = 10.000.000 Satoshi or 0.10 Bitcoin
  • 1000 mBTC = 100.000.000 Satoshi or 1,00 Bitcoin

What is a Bitcoin faucet?

Some people think that there is no such thing as free Bitcoin on Faucets, but they are wrong. Free bitcoin faucets worth it and it's more or less the same as free fuel with Payback points because Payback points are shared for paying and bitcoin faucets share BTC for your time on the website. Bitcoin Faucets are basically Websites that let you Claim a fraction of a Bitcoin in a specific timeframe. On Freebitcoin which is also by far the biggest Faucet, you can Claim between the 0,002$-200$ worth of Bitcoins every 60 minutes. There are a wide variety of faucets in many cryptocurrencies. Faucets have the same lifespan as a day fly, so we recommend faucets that have been online longer.

How do bitcoin faucets work?

You will be asked to do a google-captcha on most faucets. This verifies that you are not a bot. After that there is a button that says "Claim" or "Get Bitcoin" in most of the cases and that's it. Some years ago there was a thing called “XAPO bitcoin faucets” but those Faucets are all dead same as “bitcoin faucets that use coinpot” because the Admin of Coinpot decided to close all his Faucets!

Do all Faucets work the same way?

No, there are faucets where you can turn a wheel, for example, like on Satoshihero, and on others, it's just a captcha. Most faucets like Satoshihero have a bitcoin balance which means you get bitcoins for every claim on others like Cointiply, FireFaucet, or Bucksify where you get on-site coins that you can convert to bitcoin after a long time of collecting only when bitcoin goes up you to want to be on sites like Satoshihero or Freebitcoin. The people who ask “are bitcoin faucets profitable” need to understand that Bitcoin Faucets are fully a free thing aka yes they are profitable as what you claim today might be 1000x in the next few years and you got it for completely free! My Favorite is the “automatic bitcoin faucets” like FireFaucet and AutoClaim where you basically get “free bitcoins every second” as long as you have enough on-site points in your balance.

How to pick a Trusted & Paying Faucet?

Because the faucet industry is quite a gray area, you should consider the following things before selecting more one of the legit bitcoin faucets:

Claim amount & timer: Always look at what you get compared to Freebitcoin because on Freebitcoin you always get min. 0.002$ in Bitcoin where the dollar amount is converted in real-time into Bitcoins i.e. if you get on Freebitcoin 4 Satoshi the hour it should be at least as much on a good Faucet!

Min. Cashout: You should also know from the beginning how many Satoshis (smallest Bitcoin unit) you need to collect before you can request a withdrawal. It should be doable and not be a utopian 6 digit sum! The best option here is to use a Faucet that has “free bitcoins instant payout” so you get every Claim of the smallest fraction Paid on your Faucetpay account!

Referral Commission: A very good factor is the ref commission because if you see faucets with 10% you don't necessarily want to advertise there. At least 25% should be in there. Faucets with 50% referral commission are the ones that are the best.

How to get bitcoins for free?

We have compiled a nice list for you where you can find the best Bitcoin faucets and earn free bitcoins instantly. The 10 Best Bitcoin and Crypto Faucets Around

#1 - Freebitcoin

Freebitcoin is one of the oldest sites on this list and nothing has ever changed except that new things have been added. Freebitcoin also had a Freedogecoin website but it was closed! You can make on Freebitcoin on the faucet every 60 minutes a "roll" and thus has the free chance to get the top number "10000" and thus $ 200 in Bitcoin immediately on the account. The minimum is 0,002$ in Bitcoin and between there are prices of 2$ and 20$ in Bitcoin. When you have 0.0003 BTC together you can request a payout or leave it on the account because at Freebitcoin you get from the so-called sum daily interest paid out. With Betting and Multiply BTC, you also have a gambling corner that finances the site. About the lack of offer you can not complain here the with Contest, Win a Lambo, Rewards, and now new Premium you have on Freebitcoin almost the quality of choice. The deposits and withdrawals are paid here immediately within 15 minutes, which speaks for an automatic system. We have summarized Freebitcoin as a complete review.

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#2 - Free-Litecoin

Free-Litecoin is a somewhat newer site, but old enough to be included in this list, as we have made several withdrawals here which were always in the Litecoin wallet within 24 hours (usually within a few hours). You can claim Litecoin for free on the Faucet on Free Litecoin as the name already says. The system here is a copy of the Freebitcoin system which is a great thing because you can win on Freelitecoin every 60 minutes 0.002$ to 200$ in Litecoin. With the top number 10000, you can win 200$ in Litecoin. When you have 0.05 LTC together, you also benefit from the "EARN" function which automatically adds interest every day. You also have the multiply option here as well as on a lottery and BlackJack game. On the Stats page, you can find all relevant data regarding your account. You can also change your Litecoin address under Profiles.

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#3 - Free-Ethereum

Free-Ethereum is the site of the same admin as Free-Litecoin therefore one can only say almost the same. We have also already paid out some Ethereum here and everything went smoothly. But Free-Ethereum you can also win 0.002$-200$ in Ethereum but the conversion rate always takes place in real-time and for this reason, the Ethereum Reward itself is getting less and less. If you use a MetaMask wallet in Chrome you will always get a warning which you can ignore without problems. Since, unfortunately, the Ethereum fees have shot up quite a bit, you can only payout from 0.005 Ethereum, and 0.002 ETH fees are actually the case. The site adjusts the fees but constantly so that in a few months they can be much smaller again.

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#4 - Satoshihero

One of our favorites is Satoshihero just for the reason that the admin team always adds new stuff to the site. The latest is the wheel where you can now win bitcoins for free. Everyone has 3x spins every 30 minutes and can win 1 - 250,000 Satoshi. You also have the choice of 10 different offerwalls where you can earn bitcoins through competitions, surveys, and all other small tasks which you can either pay out or multiply on the Bitcoin Games. Deposits are possible with Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Tron, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Tether (USDT). You have top-class game providers and the top Bitcoin games at your disposal, which means that there is almost no limit to how much you can earn on Satoshihero. If you want to invite friends to Satoshihero, you will get a 50% commission of their earnings and 0.50% of the staked amounts, which is very fair.

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#5 - Faucetpay

Faucetpay is primarily a Faucet main exchange and a micro wallet on which you can both store and earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Binance Coin, BitcoinCash, Digibyte, ZCash, Tron, UTDT (TRC-20), and Feyorra (Faucetpay Coin). The site is very multi-layered so here you have a PTC where you earn BTC directly, the Faucetlist where external Faucets are listed that all payout on Faucetpay, Surveys that are paid in Bitcoin, Offerwalls also in Bitcoin, SWAP lets you easily convert any cryptocurrency into one of your choice, Trading where you have options and more for Bitcoin and all listed coins. If you link your wallet addresses in the dashboard of your Faucetpay Account you can also use all instant faucets where everything you claim will be paid out to Faucetpay and you get free bitcoins every second. The gambling corner also leaves nothing to be desired with Multiply BTC, Dice, Crashes, Limbo, Roulette, Plinko. Recruiting friends is also very worthwhile here, as you will be credited with a wide variety of rewards depending on what your friends do. There is a special area where you can buy advertising and for Faucet owners an API that they can program into their sites to run payouts and more through Faucetpay.

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#6 - adBTC

adBTC is also a very old site where we registered in 2015 and since then no problems have ever arisen. The admin is from Russia and the site is a PTC (Paid to Click) website wherein Bitcoin and Ruble but you also have a faucet and video ads. They have focused on adBTC but only on PTC and this area is also always expanded. The since pays out 7000 USD every week only on Faucetpay and estimated about 15000 USD a week which makes adBTC a very trustworthy site. This Bitcoin PTC also always has a lot of ads to look at and who diligently stays on the page and refreshed from time to time gets new ads displayed again and again because someone constantly buys advertising. You can payout to Faucetpay, Express Crypto, Payeer, and directly to your Bitcoin wallet. Even at these high Bitcoin prices, with a little effort, you can collect a few tens of thousands of Satoshi every day very quickly!

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#7 - Coinpayu

Like adults, coinpayu is more about PTC, but it also has several facets, including classics like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many more. You can also watch video ads on coinpayu and earn bitcoin for free. The site offers a little bit of everything. You can see on Faucetpay that coinpayu pays out 2000 USD + a week in various coins. We find the surveys very well designed and easy to navigate so if you live in a Tier 1 country you can make some pretty good money in bitcoins on the side. For everything on coinpayu, there is a contest where you can be rewarded for the most referrals, surveys, and more with prizes of over 600 USD. You can also recruit friends and sell them on the Referral Market for profit or keep them. There are also memberships that we think are only worth it if you have a lot of active referrals, otherwise, they are too expensive.

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#8 - FaucetCrypto

FaucetCrypto is a very good one as well. Here you have various options to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and over 20 other cryptocurrencies. There is an on-site currency that always remains stable because the Bitcoin and crypto prices only rise, you earn less and fewer coins on FaucetCrypto which is not bad because you have the choice between a Faucet, PTC, Offerwalls, surveys, video ads, games, and m uch more. All payouts are instant which is also a big plus.

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#9 - FireFaucet

FireFaucet is also a very good site that is constantly evolving and you also have the chance to get a lot of coins. You can collect Auto Claim points here and then run the Auto Claim which flushes coins into your balance until your Auto Claim points are used up. You can earn Auto Claim points through Faucet, PTC, Surveys, Shortlinks in many other options so you never have to turn off your Auto Claim. The surveys on FireFaucet are so well done if not the best in the business.

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#10 - BTCClicks

Among the oldest Bitcoin Paid to Click is BTCClicks. We can only say good things because we have recruited over 30000 referrals and they have earned us 1.60 Bitcoin which we have been paid for over 5 years. BTCClicks is a pure PTC site and you can only watch ads and get Bitcoin for it. Unfortunately, it has never developed further, which has never exhausted the potential of the site. Nevertheless, BTCClicks i s still playing well and we can recommend BTCClicks to everyone.

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Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin Faucets were made by Gavin Anderon in the early days of Bitcoin as an Airdrop and to spread awareness and later they found big popularity. Today there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Faucets in tons of different Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin as by far the most popular Faucets worldwide. In the past, there were no or very limited Bitcoin exchanges, so you could either mine Bitcoin or go to a faucet to get Bitcoins. Some of the Top lists of bitcoin faucets are:

Ethereum Faucet

Basically, there is no difference between a Bitcoin and an Ethereum Faucet, except for the compensation which is in Gwei but other than that everything is the same. Gwei is an Ethereum fraction like in Bitcoin the Satoshi or Bits. Some of the Top lists of ethereum faucets are:

Litecoin Faucet

On Litecoin faucets you can generate LTC for free. The good thing about Litecoins is that compared to Bitcoin you get a lot of Litecoin fractions also called Litoshi. Some of the lists of bitcoin faucets are:


  • Trading your Time for Free Crypto
  • Get your first Crypto very fast
  • Easy to Understand
  • Easy to Use
  • No Need To Invest


  • A lot of Scams
  • Faucets that pay can stop paying
  • A lot of Pop Up Ads
  • A lot of Banner Ads
  • I rare cases Virus Pop-Ups


All in all, you have to say that faucets are a great thing. They allow everyone in the world to get into Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies for free. Many coins have faucets also for marketing reasons because it is a good way to bring coins to the masses and drive adoption. If you decide on a Faucet you should make sure that this Faucet is already online for a while because these Faucets will pay out your coins after you have collected the minimum for a payout. Therefore, you should always use trustworthy Faucets like Freebitcoin and Satoshihero because there you will be paid even after years of collecting!

There are also always black sheep in the Faucet business, many make Faucets, not intending to pay you but you can run the scam 4-6 weeks and thus makes great advertising in their own cause and takes the site later offline without paying you! Also, Websites that are way eviler and do stuff like phishing malware, ransomware, background mining, and spyware! Therefore, never use new Faucets because if they should pay in a year you can still go in.

I, therefore, recommend everyone to avoid faucets with too many banners and more than 2 popups!

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